The German institute for product testing

In order to enable the end consumer to make a safe purchase decision, the test angel institute tests and certifies products in its own practical tests and publishes the results in free publications on the Internet. As an independent institute, we are free to plan tests and offer every manufacturer the opportunity to have their products tested.

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How we test
Our tests run according to a fixed and uniform system. The final score is made up of a wide variety of categories such as packaging, design, quality and value for money. We present our exact test catalog in this article.
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For consumers
The German Institute for Product Tests independently tests products and services. The results are made available to consumers free of charge. All test criteria are publicly available under the respective license number.
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For companies
Benefit from valuable expert reports and have your products marked with the Prüfengel. The test seal that is issued gives your customers the opportunity to make the quality of your products more tangible and increases their trust right from the start.
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More than 500 brands and manufacturers trust testing angels

License Search

You want to check whether a product or service has a valid license for use in advertising?
Then enter the license number here:

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The license number is located on the lower right edge of the test seal. If the license number is missing, there is usually abusive advertising with the test logo. In this case, please send us to A photograph of the featured product or advertisement bearing the test logo, stating the date and location of the photograph.


Link to the explainer video:

The Prüfgel Institute tests and certifies products and services to enable the end user to make a safe purchase decision.

The offer is completely free of charge for consumers. All reviews are up available at any time. You can check the validity of the seals in our License Search check.

We test every product on site. This means that we not only collect information from the Internet, but also take a close look at the product and test it for certain characteristics. You can find our detailed test catalog at this side.

Link to the explainer video:

Basically, products and services are tested in various categories. The Prüfgel Institute pays particular attention to equal opportunities. Both smaller brands or start-ups and large companies have the opportunity to have their products tested.

If you would like to work with us, please contact us at We will process your request as soon as possible.

We always welcome criticism and suggestions for improvement. You are welcome to send these or similar e-mails to send. We will get in contact with you soon.


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