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In order to enable the end consumer to make a safe purchase decision, we test and certify it Prüfengel Institute products in their own practical scenarios. We make our test results available to you free of charge in easily accessible online publications. As an independent institute, we are autonomous in our test planning. We work with a variety of manufacturers and service providers to evaluate a wide range of products. This happens on the basis of orders, which enable us to offer our services to the consumer free of charge.

Trusted by more than 500 brands and manufacturers Prüfengel

How we test

Our tests run according to a fixed and uniform system. The final grade is made up of various categories such as packaging, design, quality and value for money. We present the exact test catalog to you in this article.

For consumers

The German Institute for Product Tests independently tests products and services. The results are made available to consumers free of charge. All test criteria are publicly available under the respective license number.

For companies

Use the expertise of our expert analyzes and qualify your products with them Prüfengel. The seal of quality underlines the outstanding quality of your products in a comprehensible way and sustainably strengthens customer trust.

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What services are available to consumers?

This will help you make an informed purchase decision Prüfengel Institute carries out extensive testing and certification of products and services. These services are completely free of charge for the end user.

Our detailed test reports are available at any time visible. Consumers can check the authenticity and validity of our seals using the License Search check on our website.

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  • maxVitalis leg support cushion

  • Children's and teenager's wallet by Berninja

  • EVE Textile fitted sheets


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